The Custom Pictures Design image gallery displays some of our work. While infographics are our specialization, we can design any picture you want as you will see in the final video on this page. But first, to get a good idea of what we can do, have a look at our Gallery.

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Infographics are pictures that summarize and simplify, data, or knowledge, making information easier to absorb, and remember. Infographics are used for explaining complex content that may be difficult to understand through text only. We can translate complicated concepts, into clear, targetted pictures. For instance, looking at the next picture, consider having to explain in words: "How to tie a giant canvas to a metal structure so it stays weatherproof for a long time?

Placing only a few words over an illustration gives meaning at a glance. As a striking and compelling tool, infographics are designed to immediately engage and inform. Combining text and images, infographics can convey intricate information in a simple, clear, and concise way.

Get Digitized

Being a compulsive doodler, Juliette collected all her rough sketches and digitized them. The result is a collection of rather interesting and beautifully designed artwork to the tune of Dave Brubeck's classical tune "Take Five". To get the most out of it, enjoy watching the video in full screen. You too can get all your old photos, drawings, and sketches sitting in drawers digitized so they can be shared, printed, or published.

Let's Talk

Our work may inspire you to commission us to design new images for you. Images that may lurk in your imagination, impatiently pushing their way into life. Just give us a title and a short description of what you need, and, together, we’ll get to work on your new pictures straight away.